Friday, February 25, 2011

Innergy (HQ) Awards 2011 Finalist Hybrid Learning Model for Meaningful Blended Learning

Congratulations! Your team has been selected as a Finalist for the Innergy (HQ) Awards 2011. As part of our judging process, finalists are requested to be present for a 5 mins Presentation & a 5 mins Q&A segment. The aim of this segment is to understand the project further, preferably beyond what is presented in the application form.

My Part on using computer simulations to support experiential learning

Physics Task Force

Dr Charles Chew (Master Teacher Physics)
Asst Prof Raymond Tsoi (NIE NSSE AG)
Dr Tan Kah Chye (CEO, Addest Technovation
Mr Wee Loo Kang (ETO, ETD)

AST 01
Hybrid Learning Model for Meaningful Blended Learning
1.35pm - 1.45pm

1) Format of presentation
Presentation of project (strictly no more than 5 mins)
(a) Kindly send us all intended Powerpoint slides by 12pm, Monday, 28 Feb 2011. You may also present other visual aids within the allocated time. Participants are encouraged to focus on the following:
i) uniqueness of project
ii) impact and effectiveness in addressing the problem
iii) evidence of benefits to stakeholders
iv) the process & rigour of research and implementation
v) sustainability & scalability

(b) Q&A segment (5 mins)

The evaluation panel will ask your team questions to clarify doubts. Please send no more than 2 members from your team for this Q&A session.

Please note that finalists will need to adhere strictly to the 10mins allocated. A timekeeper will be present to press the bell 1 min before the end of the presentation segment, and again 1 min before the end of the Q&A segment.

2) Date of session

The interview session will be held on Tuesday, 01 March 2011 at I-Studio, Level 15. Please check the time of your interview in the attachment below, and arrive at least 10mins before your interview time.

A Letter from DGE Ho Peng :)